TI Europe

– the Last Surviving TI Class Oil Ship. Among the oil ships that are in service today, TI Europe is the largest ship as well as supertanker with two hulls, in the world. The last surviving of the four ships of the TI Class, TI Europe replaced Seawise Giant as the largest oil ship in terms of both gross tonnage and deadweight tonnage in 2010 after the latter got scrapped.

Along with the now decommissioned sister ships, TI Africa, TI Oceania and TI Asia, TI Europe is the first ultra-large crude oil carrier (ULCC) to be built. She was built in 2002 in South Korea for Belgian owners and is the only TI Class ship still in service today. With a length of 380 meters and beam stretching for 68 meters, she is too large to voyage through the new Panama Canal. She can carry 3,166,353 barrels of crude oil safely with a high service speed close to 17 knots.