The Universe Kuwait

The Universe Kuwait was a steam engine Ultra Large Crude Carrier tanker that was built by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The construction on this oil ship began in September 1966 and was launched just under two years later. It was considered to be the largest oil tanker in the world at the time of its arrival three weeks later in the Port of Al-Ahmadi.

Sporting a length of 1,135 feet, a deadweight tonnage of 332,092 tons and a gross tonnage of 158,210 tons, the Kuwait was Liberia-flagged and one of six different Universe ships that were completed between 1968 and 1969. Each of those other five were named after a particular country, with each of them constructed at the same length.

Gulf Oil contracted to use the ship for its oil exploration, though its original owner, the Bantry Tptn. Company. The ship remained in operation throughout the 1970’s before Bantry sold it in 1980 to Panathinea Gerani Sg S.A., which promptly changed the ship’s name to Avin Oil Gerani.

Much like other older ships, there were two more sales of the ship to another company within a three-year time span. The first came the next year, when Khurais Nav purchased the ship and tweaked the name by dubbing it the Khurais Gerani. Two years later, the Fenferen Maritime Ltd. was the final buyer and simply reduced the name to Gerani.

On November 1, 1984, what was once known as the Kuwait was officially scrapped at the First Copper & Iron Industrial Co. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The Kuwait was the last of its sister ships to meet this fate, with the Ireland being scrapped six months earlier. Somewhat ironically, those were the first two ships in the fleet launched and ended up lasting the longest.