Stena IceMAX

The Most Expensive Drillship Of the World 

Stena Icemax is an ice class, double masted and dynamically positioned ultra-deepwater drillship – the first in the world that can drill in the extreme Arctic environments. She was built in 2011 by Samsung Industries at its Geoje Island shipyard and has the reputation of being the most expensive commercial ocean-going vessel (non-passenger) in the world.

One of the largest “ice class” vessels of the world, Stena Icemax can drill in the tough Arctic ocean with ease. No wonder therefore, she helped owners Stena Drilling win a $7 billion contract from Shell Oil in 2012. The five year contract expires in 2017, with oil companies of the world waiting to book her for their drilling operations. She is owned by the Scotland-based contractors Stena Drilling and operates under a UK flag.