Pierre Guillaumat

The Oil Ship That Was Too Large For Its Own Good

Built and delivered in 1977, Pierre Guillaumat holds the distinction of being the second biggest oil tanker ever made. The third oil ship of the Batillus Class of Supertankers, she was smaller than Seawise Giant but larger than her three sister ships from the supertanker class. She was named in the honor of French oil magnate and politician Pierre Guillaumat.

An ultra-large crude carrier, she became unprofitable because of her own size, since she could not be employed as freely as other smaller ships. The Suez and Panama Canals for instance were too small for her entry. Further, her 28.6 meter draft prevented her from entering a majority of ports and as a result she was largely kept for offshore oil rigs. In the October of 1983, she cruised for the final time, headed to be scrapped in South Korea.