PetroSaudi Discoverer

The “PetroSaudi Discoverer” is a drill-ship owned and managed by one of the world’s biggest private players in oil exploration and production – PetroSaudi International.

Built in 1977, this turret moored drill-ship bears the Singaporean flag and was initially known as the “Interocean Discoverer”. The midwater floater changed names five times before 2010 before finally being called “PetroSaudi Discoverer”.

Names included “Essar Discoverer”,”Discoverer”, “Discoverer 1” and “Neptune Discoverer”. It has a gross tonnage of 5897 tons and can drill 20,000 feet under water.

PetroSaudi Discoverer depends on dynamic positioning systems (DPS) to keep the vessel in place while drilling by constantly monitors winds and waves to adjust the thrusters to compensate for these changes.

That kind of system is especcially important because the drillship is connected to equipment thousands feet under the sea.

Since the Petrosaudi Discoverer is also a vessel, it can easily relocate to any desired location. But due to its mobility, drillships are not as stable compared to semi-submersible platforms.

PetroSaudi International is a privately owned oil exploration and production company, with offices in Saudi Arabia, England, and Switzerland.


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