Pacific Scirocco

The Pacific Scirocco is a double hull drill ship that’s been a part of the Pacific Drilling fleet since it was delivered to the company on April 20, 2011. It was built by Samsung Heavy Industries at the Geoje shipyard in South Korea and Liberian-flagged.

Possessing a length of just over 747 feet and a width of nearly 138 feet, the ship offers a deadweight capacity of over 60,000 tons and has a gross tonnage of 60,538 tons.

Having twin 1000ST load paths as part of its dual derrick setup, the Scirocco allows for as many as 200 people to work on it, while operating in water as deep as 12,000 feet. When it comes to drilling depth, it’s specifically set up to handle depths of 35,000, though it can reach a maximum of 40,000 feet, if needed.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, the Scirocco began its first contract, working with Total S.A. in Nigeria. That deal, which had been signed six months earlier, was for one year. Subsequent options available to Total S.A. for as long as four years were also part of the deal.

Within six months of beginning that contract, Total S.A. picked up the first one-year option, followed by another pickup in 2014. However, the onset of severe price drops in the price of oil has directly affected the status of the Scirocco.

By May 2016, Total S.A. issued an early termination notice for the deal, which was scheduled to run out seven months later. As a result, the company is paying a termination fee of roughly $85 million, based on the day rate percentage of 80 percent. The company as a whole is reducing their operations in Nigeria, which has been plagued by production problems that were caused more by political issues.