Maran Capricorn

The Maran Capricorn is a double hull Very Large Crude Carrrier that was built at the Daewoo Shipyards in South Korea and delivered on June 27, 2008, with its new owner, Angelicoussis Shipping Group taking possession. It has a length of 1,093 feet, a beam of 197 feet and a draught of 36 feet. It possesses a gross tonnage of 158,970 tons and a deadweight tonnage of 320,000 tons.

Originally christened as the Astro Capricorn, the Greece-flagged ship underwent a change to its current name on September 6, 2009 when it was purchased by Maran Tankers Management, which is based in Singapore.

During the building process, the vessel was the recipient of an innovative device known as the pre-swirl stator. This was placed in front of the ship’s propeller allowing the equalization of the flow of water to that specific area.

This particular device, the ship is able to slightly increase its speed while also achieving a five percent improvement when it comes to fuel savings. While the need for such energy cost reductions hasn’t been quite as crucial now as it was when oil prices were in triple figures, the costs still help the bottom line.

Most recently, the vessel began a two-month journey on January 7, 2017, from Hound Point in the United Kingdom to the Port of Daesan in South Korea. On board were 2.1 million barrels of oil. That came after the vessel had provided a delivery of oil for India’s Hindustan Petroleum. Once reaching its destination, it set off for Singapore and is currently destined to reach Paloma on April 21.

The continued activity of the ship is in direct contrast to many others in this category that essentially have been put into holding patterns, waiting for the oil market to improve.