Leo Glory

The Leo Glory is a Very Large Crude Carrier that was built at the Samsung Shipbuilding Yard in Geoje, South Korea for the N.J. Goulandris Group, one of the more prestigious European shipping companies. When the ship was launched on September 14, 2002, it was known as Violando, with completion of its construction taking place over the course of the next four months.

Built with an HSD-MAN B&W engine, the erstwhile-named Violando offers a deadweight tonnage of 309,233 tons and a gross tonnage of 162,347. Possessing a length of 1,089 and a beam of 190 feat, the Greece-flagged ship was sold less than two years later by Goulandris to Metrostar for the approximate price of $122.5 million.

Soon after that sale took place, the Violando became the Crude Sun and continued delivery of crude for specific nations and oil companies, with oil prices at a premium. In the span of roughly a year, another sale took place, this time to Calypso Shipping, based in Panama.

It was at that the point that the ship was again renamed, officially becoming the Leo Glory. Yet another sale of the ship then took place in a relatively short period, this time to DS-Rendite-Fonds, though no name change took place this time.

In early 2008, the ship was part of a rare shipment involving Venezuela and the United Arab Emirate petroleum firm of FAL Oil. What made this delivery so different was that Venezuela rarely ventured into the Middle East, focusing more on China. In this instance, the ship embarked from the Bahamas.

In April 2014, the Leo Glory was held in India following a legal claim by O.W. Bunker over a fuel debt of $2.28 million while it was under the ownership of Calypso Shipping. The dispute was cleared up two months later.