Ioannis Colocotronis

The Ioannis Colocotronis was an Ultra Large Crude Carrier with steam turbine engine that was built by A.G. Weser, with assistance from General Electric. It was launched on November 10, 1974 and when completed two months later, it was Greece-flagged and put into operation.

It had a length of 1,215 feet with a breadth of 210 feet and possessed 10 cargo-tanks. With a deadweight tonnage of 392,798 tons and a gross tonnage of 176,070 tons, the Ioannis Colocotronis went through five different names during its quarter century of viability.

Each day, the Ioannis Colocotronis used up approximately 228.5 tons worth of fuel, and usually traveled at a rate of 16 miles per hour. That was done by using its propeller with a size of nearly 31 feet.

One year after it became operational, it was sold to Alfa Tanker Sg. and renamed the Berlin. That ownership lasted a full decade until the Saipan S.S. Corporation purchased the tanker in 1986 and made a name to change to Sapphire. Though no name change took place during the next nine years, the ship did end up with two more owners: Ferriday Nav. Company in 1986 and Resaphi Transamarin four years later.

By 1995, Seatransport Serenity purchased the ship, renamed it the Serenity, before selling it just a year later. That final purchase was by the Dronning Sg Company, which renamed it for last time as Jahre Venture. Finally, the decision to scrap the ship was made, with that taking place at the Chittagong Ship Yard in Faujdarhat, Bangladesh.

Just as it went through a series of ownership changes, the originally-named Ioannis Colocotronis sailed under a number of different flags. The 1976-86 period was under Liberia, followed by nine years of Cyprus. One year of Bahamas was capped by four years of Norway.