Esso Atlantic

The Esso Atlantic is one of the two Esso Atlantic Class oil tankers and also one of the seven ships to cross the half-million ton deadweight category. The Esso Atlantic had a 25.3 meter fully laden draft, which made it impossible for the ship to ply over the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and the English Channel, when loaded to full capacity. The Esso Atlantic operated between the years 1977 and 1990 and weighed at 247,160 tons, with a deadweight tonnage of 508,628 tons.

The ship was first constructed in 1977 and then, in 1983, it was transferred to the Esso International Shipping Co Ltd I Nassau, Bahamas. In 1990, it was sold to Ceres Hellenic Shipping Ent. Ltd. by Esso Eastern Marine Limited and renamed to Kapetan Giannis. The ship finally ended up in the hands of Pakistani breakers in 2002.