Discoverer Enterprise

5th Generation Ultra-Deepwater Drillship.

Discoverer Enterprise is a double hull, enterprise class ultra deepwater drillship that was built in Spain’s Ferrol shipyard and delivered in 1999. After working under the flag of Panama till 2005, she now uses Majuro as her home port and bears the flag of Marshall Islands.

Discovered Enterprise is stationed in the Gulf of Mexico where she drills for British Petroleum currently. She is operated by noted contractors Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling Company. She can drill up to a depth of 35,000 feet underwater, while dynamically positioned in waters as deep as 10,000 feet.

She is estimated to cost around $360 million. She is the world’s first drillship that could drill using two derricks simultaneously – a capability that helped her operators increase their efficient by 40 percent.