Discoverer Deep Seas

5th Generation Ultra-Deepwater Driller Discoverer Deep SeasĀ 

Discoverer Deep Seas is the sister ship of Discoverer Spirit and Discoverer Enterprise. Like them, she is a fifth generation driller that uses dual hulls, dynamic positioning and dual drilling derricks to drill up to the depths of 35,000 feet under water. She can operate in waters with a maximum depth of 10,000 feet and is used in moderate environments.

Built at the Spanish shipyard of Astano, she belongs to the enhanced enterprise class and was was delivered in 2001 to Transocean Limited. Murphy oil currently handles her operations in the Gulf of Mexico. Discoverer Deep Seas, along with Glomar Explorer, was a part of the appraisal program of Tahiti. Chevron in fact, used her to drill a discovery well in the Tahiti field.