CUSS II, also known as Glomar II was a US-built drillship that became the first vessel to join Global Marine Drilling Company in the creation of a new era of drillships and offshore exploration. She also made history by becoming the first drillship (that sailed in 1962), which was made as an entirely new construction.

She was built by at the shipyard at Gulf Coast after orders from Global Marine in 1961. She was self-propelled and could drill wells up to 20,000 deep while positioned in waters that were up to 600 feet deep. She weighed a massive 5,500 DVT and was priced at a whopping $4.5 million, that Global Marine was happy to pay.

She has since then, inspired the designs of several rigs (named after her) and “Glomar II” is now the name of a class of rig design and model, even though the original Glomar II has retired.