Bolette Dolphin

The Bolette Dolphin is a Gusto P10000-designed, sixth generation ultradeep water drillship owned by Bolette Dolphin Pte. Ltd. The firm is a subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Energy ASA and was first ordered in April 2011 before then being received on February 21, 2014. Four months later, it received official certification for its maintenance management system, meeting the NORSOK standard Z008

Built in Ulsan, South Korea at the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard for an estimated $650 million, the Bolette Dolphin is managed by Dolphin Drilling Ltd. and is currently Singapore-flagged.

The vessel possesses a maximum drilling depth of 40,000 feet and is able to operate water as deep as 12,000 feet. It possesses a length of 751 feet, a breadth of 118 feet and has a depth of 59.5 feet. In addition, it has a variable deck load capacity of 20,000 tons and has a transit speed of 12 knots.

After beginning work in West Africa for Anadarko, it was brought over by the company in order to work off the Colombian coast, specifically the Magdalena tertiary delta turbidite fan.

Once it reached there in January 2015 for the first of two drilling expeditions, the Bolette Dolphin began work approximately 33 miles out. The specific location was the Fuerte Sur block, which held the Kronos-1.

The work proved to be a success in July 2015, when a large discovery of hydrocarbons was verified. That achievement then moved the Bolette Dolphin to the Fuerte Norte block to pinpoint the Calasu prospect. That effort came up short, with Anadarko indicating that the hydrocarbons found weren’t of commercially viable.

The Bolette Dolphin then moved to the Ivory Coast where it achieved success with Paon-5A, the location of Anadarko’s first horizontal deepwater well. Once that job is completed, it will return to Colombia.